From ‘No Way’ to ‘Namaste’

Written by a friend and fellow Christie’s patient. This blog will be incredibly useful to myself and other patients.

RE-Active living


So, I went to my first Yoga class today and in keeping with the energy I must have sucked from the universe, I decided to start a blog about my recovery.  Now, going to a Yoga class might be nothing for the seasoned gym bunnies (although have you tried a flying pigeon?), for me, it’s actually a huge milestone.  Why? In August 2014, I found out I had blood cancer, only after my first cycle of chemo I got an infection which turned into sepsis.  Ultimately, I ended up in a coma on life support.

I’m not writing this blog to dwell on this but rather to pass on some pearls of wisdom I have learned throughout my recovery.  I have met people along the way that are struggling to get back into the hobbies that they loved before they were unwell or are struggling with fatigue and muscle…

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